Davao: Booming Metropolis

There’s a great city brewing in the south. Davao City is home to over 1.6 million Filipinos, and it’s expected to rise rapidly within the next few years. Davao City’s growth in terms of infrastructure and real estate is astonishingly fast, and this is the key to making Davao a grand metropolis.

High-rise buildings were a rare sight five years ago, but just recently, condominiums have been sprouting all over the city. Plans for road constructions are being laid out by the local government, which include a new bypass road and a coastal road that will span approximately 35 kilometers. In fact, within the year 2019, the new coastal road will be partially opened to the public. Although huge malls are already prevalent in Davao City, plans to develop new commercial structures are still consistent. Along with the infrastructure projects is the eyed BRT or Bus Rapid Transit system to accommodate commuters, this is to help alleviate the traffic condition experienced by the citizens.

What Davao City can truly offer above anything else is security, it’s President Duterte’s Exhibit A after all. Clean environment, clean water, fresh air, and low cost-of-living are simply the extras if you live in Davao. The local government has always made tourism a priority, that’s why more tourists have been flocking the city, every year.

The real estate industry in Davao is booming. Multiple projects are now being developed simultaneously since high profile developers from all over the Philippines are so keen to invest in the city. Some of the hottest-selling projects are Matina Enclaves, The Piazza, Maldives Oasis, and One Paragon Place.

In a couple of years, Davao will continue to grow tremendously. More condominiums and subdivisions will become available for migrants. While this is good news for the city’s economy, this could mean bad news for late investors. Generally, the earliest-built properties are usually the least expensive. If you’re planning to invest in real estate, then now is the best time to do so.

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